Rimini & Dintorni

Rimini & Surroundings

Arch of Augustus

Via XX Settembre | Corso d’Augusto – Rimini

The most ancient of all Roman arches in our days, requested by Emperor Augustus in 27 AD to mark the end of the Flaminia Road.

The arch was used as an entrance and also as a base to the bronze statue of Emperor Augustus, depicted as he was driving a quadriga.

Bridge of Tiberious

Corso d’Augusto 249 – Rimini

The building of the bridge started in 14 AD and was completed by Tiberius in 21 AD. It is still used up to our days to connect Rimini town with its periphery.

The bridge features five semicircular arches that lay on top of strong poles with breakwater spurs installed with an oblique inclination compared to it’s axe to reduce the striking river current force.

Malatesta Temple

Via IV Novembre, 35 – Rimini

Requested by prince Sigismondo Malatesta in 1449, it has become a Renaissance symbol thanks to the marble facade created by Leon Battista Alberti.

Inside are highly esteemed art pieces like the crucifix of Giotto and the Piero della Francesca fresco visible from the inside.

San Marino

At the closeby Republic of San Marino, one of the smallest in the world, you may visit historic and cultural areas like the State Museum, Council Building and the three distinctive towers positioned on top ot the mount.

Marecchia River

Around 70 Km long, it flows within most of the Romagna Region emerging into the Adriatic Sea of the city of Rimini.

A bicycle track runs along the Marecchia river connecting Rimini and Ponte Verucchio, passing through interesting historical and cultural areas like medieval towns and castles that have been protagonists of Medieval and Renaissance wars. An ideal route for bicycle excursions.


Via Ascoli Piceno, 4 – Riccione

The famous water park of Riccione is an oasis of relaxation and fun thanks to the many different attractions, concerts and music events.

There are 3 Km long water slides and attractions like Black Hole, Extreme River, Strizzacool, Speedriul, Twist, River Run, Surfing Hill, Fiume Rapido, Kamikaze, fun is guaranteed!.

Italia in Miniatura

Via Popilia, 239 – Viserba, Rimini

Inaugurated in 1970 at Rimini, this theme park has on display miniature copies of Italy’s heritage.

Attractions and art learning activities will guide you through the artistic and cultural heritage of each Region of Italy.

San Leo

Located 32 Km away from Rimini in the Marecchia valley (SS 258), San Leo is set up on a rock spur. Famous for the “Il Forte” castle where the alchemist Giuseppe Balsamo, Count of Cagliostro, died after 4 years, 4 months and 4 days of prison.


Gradara also called “Middle Ages Capital” is located within the province of Pesaro and Urbino. This is where you will find the famous castle theater known for the tragic Paolo and Francesca love story.