Yummy treats for breakfast

An ideal day should start with an embrace, a kiss, a stroke and coffee. Breakfast should always be abundant.
(Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts)

We take extra care in preparing your breakfast, pampering you with our treats. Sleepy eyes will wake up at the first sip of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea served along with fresh croissants, pies, cakes, plum cakes and freshly baked sweet rolls.

Semething for every one (at the desired time)

Our abundant buffet will be at your disposal, it includes: fruit juices, yogurt, cereals, jams and Nutella. If you prefer savoury options we also serve eggs, cold cuts, cheese, toast and crackers.

Our breakfast is an energy booster, ideal for starting your day well. If you enjoy sleeping in, there is no problem, you will find our buffet (and staff) always ready to welcome you.


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